Announcement: DJI Updating Map Services

DJI Remote Controllers

DJI, global drone manufacturer, has announced that they are planning to update the map services for some of its drone flight apps. Operators are being asked to update their DJI apps to the latest version, or they may not be able to view the map correctly. The tech giant is urging operators to update their apps and remote controllers before November 25, 2022 in anticipation of the mapping services overhaul.

Below, is the complete list of products that will be affected by this overhaul:

AppVersion the app
should be
updated to
DJI Pilot 2v4.1.11Matrice 300 RTK and Matrice 30 Series
DJI Pilotv2.5.1.15Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, Mavic 2 Enterprise series, Phantom
4 RTK, Matrice 200 series V2, Matrice 200 series, and Matrice 600
v2.2.5Phantom 4 RTK
DJI Flyv1.6.8DJI RC, DJI RC Pro, and DJI Smart Controller
v4.3.54Matrice 200 series, DJI Smart Controller, Phantom 4 Pro V2+ remote
controller with built-in screen
DJI GOv3.1.76Matrice 600 series
DJI MGv1.8.27MG-1S series
DJI MGv1.8.57MG-1S Advanced
v2.5.1MG-1P series
v.3.5.6T16, T20

Update: Firmware updates have begun to rollout to operators, we will update this article with links to updates in the table above (see version for link to applicable articles)

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