KCSI Aerial Patrol Enhances Aerial Mapping Capabilities with AISPECO Helix Lite Pod from BAAM.Tech

The KCSI Team with the BAAM.Tech and AISPECO Teams infont of a plane carrying the AISPECO Heliux Lite Pod

Bakersfield, CA – KCSI Aerial Patrol, Inc., a leader in aerial surveillance and mapping, has announced the acquisition of a cutting-edge AISPECO Heliux Lite Pod procured through BAAM.Tech, the exclusive North American distributor for AISPECO systems. This strategic acquisition positions KCSI to significantly expand its service offerings across the United States.

This new partnership enables KCSI to leverage BAAM.Tech’s expertise in aerial mapping technology and AISPECO’s advanced pods. The integration of the AISPECO Light Pod into KCSI’s fleet of Cessna 182 aircraft enhances their LiDAR and imagery collection capabilities, expanding KCSI’s robust and comprehensive aerial mapping services across a larger footprint in the United States.

“Acquiring the AISPECO Heliux Lite Pod through BAAM.Tech marks a significant advancement in our aerial mapping capabilities,” stated Shane Ellis, Director of Operations from KCSI Aerial Patrol. “This enhancement will not only elevate our service offerings but also underscores our commitment to employing cutting-edge technology for efficient and accurate aerial data collection.”


AISPECO, renowned for its innovative aerial mapping ecosystem, provides non-intrusive and highly customizable aerial mapping solutions. Their technology allows for the integration of up to nine sensors in various configurations, catering to diverse mapping needs without the necessity of modifying aircraft. The AISPECO Heliux Lite Pods, notable for their quick mount-and-dismount capability, use STC-approved mounting systems and come with complete engineering substantiation, ensuring full compliance with aircraft standards.

About KCSI Aerial Patrol:

KCSI Aerial Patrol, Inc., established in 1994 and headquartered in Bakersfield, California, is a premier aviation company specializing in aerial mapping, oil and gas pipeline and oil field surveillance. With a fleet of 35 aircraft, KCSI operates throughout the United States from bases in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and the Midwest. The company offers high-resolution and accurate LiDAR, aerial mapping, thermal imagery, multispectral imagery, methane detection, and linear infrastructure mapping with near real-time threat detection​​​​​​​​.

About BAAM.Tech:

BAAM.Tech, headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, has evolved from a UAV aerial mapping specialist to a comprehensive provider of geospatial solutions. As the North American distributor for highly trusted brands such as Terrasolid, DJI, AISPECO and RIEGL, BAAM.Tech offers an extensive range of hardware and software solutions. They provide sales, training, and technical support for a variety of hardware and software solutions such as unmanned laser systems from DJI and Inertial Labs, to helicopter and fixed-wing solutions from AISEPCO to mobile laser scanning solutions, including the VMY-1, VMY-2, VMX-2HA, and VMQ-1HA product lines from RIEGL USA. BAAM.Tech’s expertise lies in guiding companies through the dynamic world of surveying technology, thereby supporting the growth of their businesses in the geospatial sector​​​​.

Contact Information:

For more information about KCSI Aerial Patrol, Inc., visit KCSI Aerial Patrol. For inquiries about BAAM.Tech and their offerings, visit BAAM.Tech. Details about AISPECO and its innovative solutions can be found on their official website.

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The KCSI Team with the BAAM.Tech and AISPECO Teams infont of a plane carrying the AISPECO Heliux Lite Pod

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