The DJI L2 Accuracy Analysis and Use Case Exploration by BAAM.Tech


DJI Enterprise enlisted the expertise of BAAM.Tech to provide feedback on their DJI L2 Lidar system for the DJI M350 drone. This evaluation aims to provide valuable feedback on the L2 Lidar system, the successor to the L1 system. DJI’s selection of BAAM.Tech as a trusted partner for this task underscores our recognized subject matter expertise in the field of Lidar and remote sensing technologies.

To ensure a thorough evaluation, BAAM.Tech considered several important factors:

  1. What are the industry standards for evaluating drone-based Lidar systems for mapping applications, and how does the DJI L2 compare? 
  2. How much has this generation of Lidar improved from the previous generation, the DJI L1, under similar analysis?
  3. Beyond the accuracy analysis, how do the rest of the L2 features hold up for mapping applications and use cases compared to the DJI L1?
  4. Where does the DJI L2 stand compared to other commercially available UAS Lidar systems based on its technical specs and field-tested results?


In response to these questions, BAAM.Tech embarked on a comprehensive strategy that would incorporate various testing environments. The objective was to collect ample data to establish significant sampling.

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The DJI L2 Accuracy Analysis and Use Case Exploration by BAAM.Tech

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