DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise receives Remote ID

Mavic 3E & Mavic 3T

Drone manufacturer DJI, has released a new firmware update for their recently launched Mavic 3 Enterprise and Mavic 3 Thermal drones. This update brings support for the FAA’s Remote ID requirements to the Mavic 3E and 3T.

The new update brings the M3E and M3T aircraft firmware version to, with the remote controller upgrading to v02.00.01.11 while simultaneously upgrading the DJI Pilot 2 app to v5.0.2.9 and DJI Assistant 2 to v2.1.4.

While this firmware update focuses on complying with the Remote ID requirements for drones in the US, the update also addresses issues where the IMU status would display abnormally in the sensor status of in the DJI Pilot 2 app.

Mavic 3T - Front View

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