BAAM.Tech Named North American Reseller for AISPECO’s Next-Generation Infrastructure Inspection Platform

AISPECO POD attached to Helicopter

Lenexa, Kansas – February 7, 2023 – BAAM.Tech®, headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, is pleased to announce that it has executed an agreement with AISPECO from Vilnius, Lithuania to become their North American hardware reseller.

BAAM.Tech® will assume sales, training, and technical support services for AISPECO’s Pod – a customizable, multi-vehicle LiDAR and imaging payload solution that is compatible with many FAA-approved aircraft mounts. This system is designed to support quick installation and sensor configuration without the need for intrusive aircraft modifications, and it can be equipped with multiple camera and LiDAR options from premier sensor manufacturers, including RIEGL and Phase One. This capability allows the user to support both fixed-wing and helicopter data collection operations, and to modify the sensor payload without replacing the entire system. It has been developed as a single-pass data acquisition solution, supporting corridor mapping and other commercial applications. Featuring LiDAR and multiple RGB, hyperspectral, thermal, and corona imaging options, any sensor configuration is possible within the AISPECO Pod, which integrates with multiple aircraft via FAA-approved mounting hardware.

“Making things easier for both small and large geospatial service providers was always the goal.” Mantas Vaskela, CEO of AISPECO continues, “However, new equipment always requires an experienced technical partner nearby to help get the data collection process started and fine tune for efficiency. We believe that BAAM.Tech has all the necessary talent and skills to make adoption easy for our new North American customers.”

“Our new partnership with AISPECO is a great fit for us,” said Ben Lindner, President of BAAM.Tech®. “Together, we will be able to provide our customers with an efficient and portable hardware solution that leverages the latest advancements in sensor technology and software applications to help them make informed decisions about their business operations.”


AISPECO is a manufacturer of advanced geospatial data collection platforms. Their multi-sensor payloads can be deployed on airborne, mobile, and stationary platforms and combine laser scanning (LiDAR), spectral (hyperspectral) and other high-resolution imaging capabilities. Founded in 2014, AISPECO supports utilities, forestry, city mapping, mining companies, civil engineering firms, and many other industries across the globe. AISPECO’s highly customizable hardware solutions cut down overhead costs, including monitoring and inspection operations, by allowing you to reduce sensor cost, operate more efficiently, and easily modify sensor configurations. AISPECO employs a flexible team of technical professionals delivering customized tools for your firm’s data collection requirements, while offering comprehensive technical support. For additional information, please visit AISPECO website

About BAAM.Tech

BAAM.Tech® has been helping customers identify and implement the right mapping solutions since 2016. Specializing in data collection from satellites, airborne (crewed and UAS), mobile, and bathymetric systems, our team is composed of subject matter experts that understand the value of right-sized solutions. BAAM.Tech® has relationships with more than a dozen best-in-class hardware, software, and data partners to help customers from agriculture to survey find the right solution for their organization. For additional information, please visit BAAM.Tech website

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