BAAM Tech™ PPK Drone Kit For Commercial Drones

Reduces or eliminates the need for ground control when UAV mapping.


Level Accuracy




Multi Constellational



The BAAM Tech™ PPK Kit For Commercial Drones is designed to work with any camera that has a hot shoe adapter (flash connection). Allowing cameras like the Sony A7R, Sony A6000, and Sony RX1R that most UAV mapping systems are using.

BAAM Tech™ will produce custom wire lengths for power, hot shoe, and antenna, and we also offer design services for custom mounts for installation on the aircraft. GPS aerial surveying is made easier with BAAM Tech™’s commercial drone PPK kit.

The PPK Drone Kit designed for commercial drones plugs directly into most batteries and can run off 9-40v eliminating the need a power regulation system. The case is also EMI shielded which reduces the potential of electronic noise effecting the PPK GPS receiver. BAAM Tech™’s commercial drone PPK kit is the solution when your current drone struggles with aerial surveying by GPS.

BAAM Tech™ PPK Kit for Other Aircraft

BAAM Tech™ PPK Upgrade kit for Oher Aircraft$2500

The BAAM Tech™ PPK Drone Kit Features

BAAM Tech™ has set out to create the perfect PPK GPS Drone

High Accuracy PPK

High Accuracy PPK


When most other PPK systems only use L1 or just L1/L2 the BAAM Tech PPK system utilizes GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS G1/G2, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5b and SBAS constellations. The significantly increases the quality of the signal and allows for more accurate data especially in the noisy environments in drones.

Easily Remove GPS

Easily Remove GPS

The GPS system slides in and out of the aircraft allowing the GPS to slide into our ground rover to collect ground control, or check points then can slide back into the aircraft for the PPK flights. This significantly reduces the price of surveying, and allows 1 system for all of the field work.

We also offer a GPS base for corrections.

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Through their years of experience operating drones, Baam Tech recognized the fixed wing drone solutions commercially available were not up to the task. BAAM.TECH has set out to create an aircraft that addresses all problems facing survey grade drones. READ MORE>

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