M200, M210 PPK

The M200 PPK and M210 PPK offer best in class accuracy and flight time while eliminating the need for GCP.


Level Accuracy




Multi Constellational



The M200 and M210 are professional grade multirotor systems. The aircraft allows for multiple sensors to be added to the system, while maintaining a level a water resistance, high wind capacity and long flight time. BAAM Tech™ has introduced the PPK system for the M200 PPK and M210 PPK. This system offers much more reliable data the RTK as it does not need a radio link, and can be interchanged with the other cameras on the M200 and M210.

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BAAM Tech™ PPK Upgrade for M200 or M210 $2500
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The M200, M210 PPK Features

BAAM Tech™ has set out to create the perfect PPK for the M200 & M210

Accurate Geo-tagging

Accurate Geo-tagging

The BAAM Tech PPK is directly connected to the shutter of the camera and is calibrated to ensure the geotags are of the highest quality. Each system is provided with BAAM Techs easy to use post processing software that will make the corrections between the base and the aircraft and directly geotag the images.

Easily Remove GPS

Easily Remove GPS

The GPS system slides in and out of the aircraft allowing the GPS to slide into our ground rover to collect ground control, or check points then can slide back into the aircraft for the PPK flights. This significantly reduces the price of surveying, and allows 1 system for all of the field work. We also offer a GPS base for corrections.

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Through their years of experience operating drones, Baam Tech recognized the fixed wing drone solutions commercially available were not up to the task. BAAM.TECH has set out to create an aircraft that addresses all problems facing survey grade drones. READ MORE>

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