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Day or night, rain or shine, DJI Docks are built to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to. Integration with DJI’s Cloud API and Flight Hub 2 automate your missions for non-stop ops.

Complete Cloud

With FlighHub 2, unlock DJI Dock’s full functionality directly from the cloud. Schedule missions, create and edit flight routes, and managed data collection right from your control room.

Work Smarter with Automation
Work Smarter with Automation
Cloud Management at your Fingertips
Cloud Management at Your Fingertips
Support for Private Deployment
Support for Private Development

Integrated DevOps
with Cloud API

Develop tailor made solutions with our industry experts, creating integrated solutions to leverage DJI’s Cloud API and on board Embedded Computing capabilities of DJI Dock.

Develop cloud-compute applications with BAAM.Tech
Automate your workflows with DJI Dock and BAAM.Tech custom tool development
Open Edge Computing ecosystem
Improve operational efficiency with pre-processing of data and more with on board compute

The BAAM.Tech Advantage


Achieve BVLOS with BAAM.Tech unlocking the full potential of DJI Dock

Setup and

Let our team of experts setup and integrate your solution

Training and

Stay up-to-date with hands-on training opportunities and BAAM.Tech support


BAAM.Tech® has been helping customers find and implement the right mapping and inspection solutions since 2016. Specializing in data collection from satellites, aerial (crewed and UAS), mobile, and underwater – bathymetry; our team is composed of subject matter experts that understand the value of right-sized solutions. We help customers get to the deliverables they need. Visit BAAM.Tech ››

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