DJI Product Launch – Osmo Series

Lenexa, Kansas
December 17, 2021

BAAM.Tech® has been helping customers across the world to discover, define and design creative drone and robotic solutions, including OEM developments and off the shelf solutions. Today, they announce the addition of the DJI Osmo Series, including the OM 5, Action 2 and Pocket 2 to their product lineup. These gimbals and cameras unlock new possibilities for videographers and are backed by the experience and expertise of the BAAM.Tech® Team.

OM 5

Master evert shot with the DJI OM 5, a portable and palm-sized extension rod that unlocks and expands the full potential of your smartphone. Starting at $159, get ready to master every shot with:

  • ShotGuides
  • 3-Axis Stabilization & ActiveTrack
  • Quick Adapt Magnetic Design

The updated design allows for more fine tuned stabilization, with powerful motors and intelligent on-board algorithms. Customers can purchase the DJI OM 5 from BAAM.Tech® today in two stunning colors, along with the full range of OM Accessories. (Link:

Action 2

Switch up your perspective with the DJI Action 2, DJI’s most powerful, ultra-versatile and innovative action camera yet. Starting $399, customers effortlessly capture footage up to 4K at 120fps, with stellar features including:

  • Magnetic & Easily swappable add-ons and accessories
  • Super-Wide 155º FOV & 4K@120fps
  • Waterproof Design
  • HorizonSteady built-in stabilization algorithm

BAAM.Tech® customers can being designing their DJI Action 2 packages starting at $399 for the Power Combo, including an extra power module, or $519 for the Dual-Screen Combo, including a Front Touchscreen Module.

Pocket 2

Pocket-sized and extremely portable, the DJI Pocket 2 lets you single-handedly capture memorable moments, with smooth videos and sharp phots. Starting at $349, create magic at will with the following features:

  • 3-Axis Camera Stabilization
  • ActiveTrack 3.0
  • DJI Matrix Stereo Audio
  • Video up to 4K@60fps

BAAM.Tech® Customers can begin purchasing the DJI Pocket 2 Camera starting at $349 for the Standard Combo, and $499 for the Creator Combo, including a Wide Lens, Wireless Microphone Transmitter, and the Do-It-All Handle.

What will you create?

Order today with BAAM.Tech® or contact for more information.

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