DJI Fly app brings new features to Air 2S and Mini 3 Pro

DJI Fly App - Air 2S & Mini 3 Pro Update

DJI has released a new update for the DJI Fly app (v1.7.8) and it is packed with some brand new features for Air 2S and Mini 3 Pro drone platforms. In this article we will outline the updates brought to the app and platforms.

What's new for Air 2S?

Users will now be able to get more professional-looking shots, with the updated adding support for the Air 2S to adjust EXP settings while in Cine mode. With this users can now determine how smoothly or quickly the drone will more forward or backward, ascend or descend, or rotate left or right.

If you happen to own the DJI RC compatible with the Air 2S, v1.7.8 of the Fly app will allow for you to pilot the app the drone with this lightweight controller. 

What's new for Mini 3 Pro?

Version 1.7.8 adds support to the Mini 3 Pro for automatically adjusting shutter speed ad ISO when the camera AE is set to Pro. Users will now also be able to adjust style parameters including sharpness and noise reducing. DJI has added support for Enhanced Transmission for the Mini 3 Pro as well.

iOS 16 compatibility

With the new capabilities added to the Air 2S and Mini 3 Pro, the Fly app update adds support for iOS 16 and it provided fixes for other known issues to optimize the overall user experience. 

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