Speedip is an intelligent system specially designed for drone-based water sampling. It provides a large water sampling volume (2L max), powerful situational awareness and a variety of user-friendly functions. Speedip aims to help users improve efficiency and reduce costs in sampling point navigation, water sample collection at designated depths, data logging, and work reporting.

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Speedip is lightweight and only weights in at about 2.7kg when carrying 2L/kg of water, allowing for safe operation with the DJI M300 RTK.

Features include:

  • Advanced situational awareness, including mm-wave radar for total water surface distance, measurement, and a 180º DFOV camera system.
  • Supports DJI PSDK 3.0 – allowing for Speedip to be controlled and monitored through the DJI Pilot app
  • Supports 4G connectivity – allowing for control and monitoring through Speedip Cloud
  • Automated sampling at designated depths up to 10m below the surface of the water
  • Automatic mission data logging, including geo-coordinates, time and depth
  • Easy mount and dismount of payload and sampling container

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