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IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Spotlight



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The IR10 infrared laser flood light uses the latest laser rangefinder technology. With 70x optical zoom and infrared flood light with a distance up to 1000m, this payload coupled with the DJI H20 and H20T creates an optimized workflow allowing you to collect data in previously unavailable conditions.

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IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Searchlight

Key Features

Infrared Supplementary Light, Excellent Permeability

Optical fiber laser light source is used helping to enhance penetration in misty, rainy or hazy conditions at up-to 1500m.

Linear Zoom, Flexible Dimming

70x zoom with accurate tracking and reconnaissance in low ambient light settings with flexible brightness control options

Imaging Grade Optics, Industrial-Grade Protection

The optical lens group allows for sharp imaging, cold start at temperature of -35º C with water and dust protection.

Easy to Control

Integrated smart chip, automatic power detection and lamp temperature readings, protect from overcharging and discharging. The payload powers off automatically to protect the sensor and drone.


Effective Distance: ≥ 1000m
Laser Type: Fiber Homogenized Laser
Light Wavelength: 808nm±5 – 94nm
Zoom: ≤ 3 seconds (Far angle – Near angle)
Optical Power: 12W
Lighting Angle 0.56º – 45º


Working Temperature: -20º – 50º C




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