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T7 Power & Control Cables (Workswell GIS-320/M600)



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T7 – Power/Control Cables for Workswell GIS-320/M600 is a set cable come with:
– T7 Control Cables for Workswell GIS-320/M600 are used to connect 9-pin digital port, supports the following control ports and interfaces:
+ Can bus (DJI M600/M600 Pro and A3/A3 Pro controller compatible) – this cable was integrated Camera CAN and gimbal CAN in one connector.
+ Mavlink
+ Possibility of connection to external GPS
+ External trigger
– T7 – Power Cables for Workswell GIS-320 is used to power the camera

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T7 Control Cables for
Workswell GIS-320 / M600
T7 AUX Cable for
Workswell GIS-320
T7 Power Cable for
Workswell GIS-320


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