Gremsy S1V3

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Integrated quick release. Extended pan rotation. Upgraded motor power.
Gremsy S1V3 is the most lightweight yet multi-load gimbal for mappers, surveyors and industry experts in any aerial missions.

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Product Details


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HDMI Hyper Quick Release

High Speed HDMI Transmission

The new quick-release’s floating connectors not only allows quick assembly with many platforms, but also ensure high-speed HDMI transmissions after thousands of pairing cycles.

Hot Swap

Changing payloads on your drones in a matter of seconds is a breeze with the S1-V3 with hot-swap capability. It is easier than ever to swap out among Gremsy gimbals, including the S1V3, T3V3 and T7.

Your Device Hub

I/O ports include USB, Sbus, AUX, COM, HDMI, JR, Power and CAN have all been located on the quick release for easy and intuitive connection with third-party products and external devices.[/ohio_text]

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In the Box

Gremsy S1-V3 Gimbal x1
HDMI Hyper Quick Release x1
Hotshoe Screw x1
Hotshoe Plate x1
Hotshoe Screw Extension x1
Camera Slide & Screw x1
Quick Release Rubber Cover x1
SBUS Cable x1
Cable for DJI FC (A4, N3) x1
Cable for PixHawk (Com 2/4) x1
Power Supply Cable x1
Power Tilt Cable x1
Auxiliary Cable x2
Micro USB Cable x1
M3 x 8 Screw x5
Allen Key 1.5 (mm) x2
Allen Key 2 (mm) x1
Allen Key 2.5 (mm) x1


System Type

3-Axis Camera Stabilizer


1.8 lbs (830 g)

Camera Cage (Standard)

65 x 120 x 75 mm


Aluminum + Plastic

Input Voltage

15 – 52 V


USB 2.0, CAN, UART, S-bus, Spektrum, PPM, Bluetooth


1.6 lbs (750 g)

Single Operator

Lock Mode, Follow Mode, Mapping Mode, Inverted Mode

Dual Operator

SBUS / Spektrum / PPM / Lightbridge 2

Pan Range

Pan axis control: ±345°

Tilt Range

Tilt axis control:±120°

Roll Range

Roll axis control: ± 45°

Camera Compatibility

Flir DUO Pro R, Flir DUO Pro, Flir DUO, Flir Vue Pro R, Flir Vue Pro, Flir Vue, Wiris Pro, Wiris Security, Wiris Argo R CWSI, Wiris Mini, TeAx Fusion, TeAx Fusion Zoom, Keii HL2-640, RED Edge, RED Edge M, Sony DSC-QX10, Sony DSC-QX30, BMMCC, Sony A5XXX Series, Sony A6XXX Series, Sony RX100 Series

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