S1V3 Backup Kit


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The backup kit is useful for repairing and maintaining your Gremsy S1V3 in emergency situation.

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In the Box

S1V3 Hotshoe Plate x1
S1V3 Hotshoe Screw x1
S1V3 Camera Screw x1
S1V3 Camera Plate x1
S1V3 AUX Cable x1
S1V3 Power Supply Cable x1
S1V3 SBUS Cable x1
Allen Key 1,5 (mm) x1
Allen Key 2,5 (mm) x1
M4 x 11mm Thumbscrew x3
M4 x 14mm Thumbscrew x1
M3 x 8mm Screws x4
M2 x 5mm Screws x4
M2 x 8mm Screws x4
M2 x 10mm Screws x4


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