Pixy U

Inheriting the superior technology of Pixy series, Pixy U pushes the boundaries of what professionals can accomplish with a commercial gimbal. This compact stabilizer can carry universal dedicated cameras regardless of its modest size and one pound optimized weight. Besides, Pixy U is fully Compatible with Pixhawk & DJI FC to support autonomous flight and camera control, making it a comprehensive solution for aerial survey, inspection, mapping, and so on.

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Product Details


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Multi-Camera Support

The rebuilt tilt axis on the Pixy U allows for it to accommodate several cameras including the Flir Duo Pro R, Sony R10C and MicaSense RedEdge MX.

Compact & Lightweight

Pixy U is small and lightweight at just 465 grams and 18 cm when folded, making it easy to pack up and travel with.

Upside Down Perspective

With the Pixy U’s Inverted Mode, the camera’s movement is securely controlled to get limitless perspective, so you can capture all the detail of inspection work in a safe and effective way.[/ohio_text]

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Compatible with PixHawk & DJI FC

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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]When it comes to applications in survey work, inspection or mapping, agility and flexibility are two of the key elements. The flexibility of the gimbal on Matrice 600 allows you to control between modes on gimbal and on camera precisely and instantly.[/ohio_text]
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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]By virtue of a possibility to communicate with Ardupilot for autonomous flight control, Pixy U is your weapon of choice to complete missions.
Pixy U responds to MAVLink commands to:

  • Automated aiming of the camera at a Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Autonomic triggering of a camera shutter.
  • Position the gimbal with the specified roll, pitch, and yaw.
  • Pass-through telemetry data of GPS, altimeter, accelerometer, etc., or camera commands, which led to the unnecessary of external GPS and suggested mapping application.


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In the Box

Pixy U x1
Pixy Quick Release x1
Micro USB Cable x1
Pixy – Standar Auxiliary Cable 8-pin x1
Sbus Cable x1
Pixy U – Cable for DJI (A3, N3) x1
Pixy – Cable for Pixhawk x1
Pixy – UBEC x1
Bolt Hexagon M2.5×5 x8
Camera Bolt 1/4″-20 x2
Allenkey 2.mm x1
Camera Plate Standard x1



1 lb (0.465 kg)


All Aluminum

Input Voltage

14-52V (Including UBEC)


USB 2.0, CAN, UART, S-bus, Spektrum, PPM, Bluetooth

Single Operator

Lock Mode, Follow Mode, Mapping Mode, Inverted Mode

Dual Operator

SBUS / Spektrum / PPM/ Lightbridge 2

Pan Range

Pan axis control: +330° to -330°

Tilt Range

Tilt axis control: +135° to -45°

Roll Range

Roll axis control: ± 45°

Camera Compatibility

Flir DUO Pro R, Flir Vue Pro, Flir Vue, Sony RX100, Sony R10C, Sony QX1, BMMCC, Workswell Wiris Pro, MicaSense RedEdge MX, Sony RX0 I/II, Wiris Argo R

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