Gremsy H16 Ecofly

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Gremsy H16 is a state of the art product designed especially for professional filmmakers. Features latest technologies in advanced stabilization and motor control give ultra-smooth footage in the most extreme conditions. Handling payload up to 16lbs allows running RED EPIC, Arri Mini, or F55 and Cinema lenses at ease for the very high demand production.

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Product Details


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Flexibility in Use

The large and easy to adjust camera cage allows for payloads up to 16 lbs, H16 offers flexible space to use with big mirrorless camera such as Canon DSLRs and the Sony FS5.


The Gremsy H16 can be rigged effortlessly using circular quick release to multiple platforms such as car mounts, cranes, booms, jibs, multirotors, buggies, cablecams and more.

Designed for Aerial Work

Built as light as possible to achieve longer flight time for aerial shooting, switching between handheld and copter is quick and simple thanks to the circular quick release system.[/ohio_text]

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In the Box

Gremsy H16 Gimbal x1
Circular Quick Release x1
Wifi Module x1
Mini USB Cable x1
Slide Camera x1
Camera Rods x1
Camera Screws x2
Allen Key 2 – 2,5 – 3 – 5 (mm) x1
gPower 4S/3400mAh Battery x2
gPower Charger x1
Battery Voltage Checker x1
SBUS Cable x2


System Type

3-Axis Camera Stabilizer


2.6 kgs (5.73 lbs)

Weight in Aerial Mode

2.2 kgs (4.85 lbs)

Camera Cage (Standard)

200 mm x 195 mm x 50-200 mm


Aluminum, Carbon Fiber

Input Voltage

16.8 VDC


4S x 3400mAh Li-ion Battery


USB, Wifi


7.25 kgs (16 lbs)

Single Operator

Follow Mode, Thumb Joystick

Dual Operator

SBUS / Spektrum / PPM / Hurricane Wheels

Pan Range

360 degree continuous

Tilt Range

(+/-) 90 degree

Roll Range

(+/-) 45 Degree

Camera Compatibility

ARRI Alexa M, Black Magic 4K, Phantom Flex 4K, Canon 1D-C, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon C100, Canon C300, Canon C500, Canon EOS C70, Sony Alpha 99, Sony F55, Sony FS 100, Sony FS 7, Sony FS 700, RED Epic, RED Scarlet, RED Dragon, RED Weapon, Nikon D4, Nikon D800

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