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Hoodman is the originator of rugged, weighted perimeter drone landing pads that do not require stakes to keep them in place. We are happy to be the only firm to offer you a complete line of drone landing pads to suit your specific drone size.

Hoodman Drone Landing Pads


Product Highlights

  • Keep your camera lens and gimble clean during takeoff/landing
  • Protects rotors from tall grass and pebble strikes
  • Prevents dirt from entering motor bearings
  • Easy setup, springs into shape with released from carrying bag
  • Weighted perimeter keeps pad in place without stakes
  • Rugged, bright orange pad is easily found
  • Black heliport and compass markings
  • Collapses into compact size
  • Rustproof components clean up easy with wet towel
  • Pad visually alerts pilots in crewed aircraft above drone service area
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