Casia X Detect-and-Avoid System

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Casia X is an onboard safety system that uses computer vision and machine learning technology to autonomously detect and avoid aircraft across a radial 360 degree field of view. Compatible with a variety of airframes and the most popular commercial autopilots, customers can now safely fly UAVs for an even greater range of long distance and automated flight use cases, opening tremendous cost savings, and new access to goods and data.

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Product Details


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Key Features


16,000+ Tested
Low SWaP
Patented ML
Self-Contained &
ADS-B Integrated
Detection Range
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Safely enable a wide range of advanced operations, including Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight

Increase the drone-to-operator ratio

Reduce exposure to the risks of increasingly crowded airspace navigation

Reduce or eliminate the need for costly radar surveillance and FCC bandwidth approvals

Meet regulatory Well Clear and Near Mid-Air Collision (NMAC) range standards


In the Box

Casia Module x1
Power Input Cables x2
Serial UART Cable (Pixhawk Standard) x1
GigE Camera Assemblies x3-5
Industrial Ethernet Camera Cables x3-5


Field of View

Horizontal: 360º (5 cameras)
Vertical: 50º

Detection Range

1200m average, 1900m maximum


~ 2200g


Casia Module: 103 x 168 x 48 mm
Camera: 60 x 60 x 105mm


45W Nominal
60W Peak

Autopilot Compatability

PX4 Autopilot, ArduPilot, Collins Aerospace, UAV Navigation

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