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No. 1

Self Contained

The Geometrics MagArrow is a self contained package with its own IMU, Power and Storage working independently from your heavy-lift drone platform.

No. 2

Platform Agnostic

The MagArrow is platform agnostic, giving it compatibility with multiple platforms including the DJI M600 Pro and BAAM.Tech Genesys.

No. 3

Lightweight & Efficient

MagArrow weighs only 1kg and lasts 2 hours on a single 1800 mAh battery, with the ability to fly up to 10 m/s.

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Empowering geoscientists everywhere to explore and quantify the world since 1969. For fifty years, Geometrics has pursued its mission to explore and understand the land, sea and air using geophysical methods, and it accomplished this through constant cutting-edge geophysical research, innovative equipment and world-class support.

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