Detect Soil Moisture

Irrigation Analysis

Water is one of the most precious resources to Farmers, the improper use of water can affect your productivity and profits. Optimizing the way you use water using drones, by planning and monitoring your farm irrigation system.


When selecting a drone platform for Agricultural work there are some items to take into consideration, including; pilot skill level, payload options and scope of the project (flight time, data to be collected etc).

Platforms we Recommend


When selecting and researching payloads, we encourage customers to consider the scope of their project and data they are trying to collect. Payload requirement often times will help determine the drone platforms available for your scope.

Payloads we Recommend

Fixed-Wing VTOLs

VTOLs are a great platform choice for their ease of use and their high endurance, giving them the ability to cover more ground.

Multirotor Copters

Quadcopters often are an inexpensive investment for precision agriculture, with their ease of use with flight planning and ability to target specific areas of your farm.


Thermal equipped payloads can help detect overspray or missed areas by the temperature differences in crops and soil.


Multispectral imaging can provide insights using color composites to help farmers identify overly damp areas with these areas being highlighted.

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