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PPK is a high accuracy GPS like RTK that does not need a radio link between the aircraft and the base, and does the corrections post collection. PPK offers many advantages to drones 1. it eliminates the need for ground control points. Greatly reducing the field work required for each mission. 2. It cleans up the data reducing many of the point errors seen on common areas in point clouds.

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BAAM Tech PPK for Phantom 4

BAAM Tech’s PPK System will bring your Phantom 4 to the next level, or purchase a Phantom 4 form us with PPK installed.

$2,500.00 Ex Tax: $2,500.00

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BAAM Tech PPK for Inspire 2

The PPK Inspire 2 with X4S is for those customers seeking more flight time than the Phantom will offer. There is no need to send the entire Inspire to us. Simply send us your camera, or buy a new X4S Camera from us.

$2,500.00 Ex Tax: $2,500.00

BAAM Tech PPK for M200/M210

The DJI M200 PPK and M210 PPK offer best in class accuracy and flight time while eliminating the need for GCP.

$2,500.00 Ex Tax: $2,500.00

ALTA Multirotor

The ALTA is a NON-DJI multirotor, which offers many advantages. Including no geofencing, and a 36MP camera.

$3,500.00 Ex Tax: $3,500.00

ELIPSE VTOL Multirotor/Fixed Wing

BAAM Techs new low-price VTOL transition aircraft. BAAM Tech has taken the Elipse airframe and upgraded it and retuned it to make it a turn ready to fly system out of the box.

$4,000.00 Ex Tax: $4,000.00

BAAM Tech PPK for Other Systems

The BAAM Tech PPK Drone Kit For Other Aircraft is designed to work with any camera that has a hot shoe adapter (flash connection). Allowing cameras like the Sony A7R, Sony A6000, and Sony RX1R that most mapping systems are using.

$2,500.00 Ex Tax: $2,500.00

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Extra Antenna & Rails

Extra antenna and rails sets are available. The PPK Module is easy to slide out of the rail set which allows you to use 1 PPK module for multiple aircraft.

$500.00 Ex Tax: $500.00

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Through their years of experience operating drones, Baam Tech recognized the fixed wing drone solutions commercially available were not up to the task. BAAM.TECH has set out to create an aircraft that addresses all problems facing survey grade drones. READ MORE>

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