Autel Robotics releases new Evo Lite & Nano Firmware

Autel Robotics Evo Lite and Nano

What's new with Evo
Lite & Nano

Autel Robotics has released a new firmware for its Evo Lite and Nano drones. The updates, of which are being rolled out through the Autel Sky App (v1.4.20 iOS and v1.4.26 Android) are packed with some of the most requested features to the  Evo drone series, including easily-accessible flight logs, voice notification options, and increases the maximum flight distance.

This latest update brings the Autel Evo Lite/Lite+ firmware version to 1.4.64 and the Autel Evo Nano/Nano+ firmware version to 1.4.9.

Flight Logs

Autel Sky App - Flight Logs

Autel has improved the accessibility of flight logs within the Autel Sky App, making it easier for users to access them and send them to customer service teams, should the need arise.

From the Profile menu in the Autel Sky App, select Flight Log, then the clipboard icon in the upper right corner. From there you’ll be able to view three different types of logs: Flight Logs, RC Logs, and App Logs.

Select the log menu you want, and you’ll be prompted to connect to the drone’s Wi-Fi. From there, you can quickly download specific logs straight to your smartphone. At this point, you can upload them to the cloud if Autel Customer Service or Maintenance team requests them for repairs or service. When uploaded, the files will be stored in a regional server. All customer data in the U.S. is stored on AWS servers in Texas.

This new update will make it much easier for users and support staff to send and receive flight log information.

Voiceover Options

Autel Sky App - Voiceover Options

With the valuable customer feedback from those pilots who use the voiceover function often and wanted the ability to turn off sound notifications.

Users can now toggle voice notifications on and off for general alerts and obstacle avoidance alerts.

From the Settings menu, navigate to Safety, then Advanced Settings. Scroll down to Voice Overs, and toggle the switch on or off.

This is recommended only for experienced pilots who are familiar with their drone and its systems.

Distance Increase

Autel Sky App - Distance Increase

The Nano and Lite series have now increased maximum flight distance by a factor of ten. The maximum distance can now be set up to 5000 meters.

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