BAAM Tech™'s new low-price VTOL fixed-wing drone. BAAM Tech™ has taken the Elipse air-frame and upgraded to make it a true ready to fly system with multiple payloads.

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The Elipse VTOL Fixed Wing offers long flight times up to 80 minutes, a reliable vertical takeoff and landing system, and an interchangeable payload system with options for BAAM Tech™ PPK with a 36mp camera, 24mp camera, as well as options for Sequoia multispectral, Altum thermal and multispectral, and Flir Vue Pro R thermal. BAAM Tech™ has taken this system and upgraded the electronics along with re-tuned the aircraft to make it a true turn key survey UAV with interchangeable payloads. Now you can simply buy one aircraft and use it for mapping AG thermal and upgrade cameras without buying a whole new platform.

The system comes with a long 2 miles radio system that connects wirelessly to an android phone or computer for flight planning. It simplifies the flight process, so only one radio is needed to fly make 1-person flights much easier. It also has an option for an upgraded able radio relay to 5 miles.

The fixed-wing drone's VTOL system allows for very small landing areas, and can land on any flat surface, and finally brings the price point down to a reasonable level for VTOL aircraft.

Elipse VTOL Fixed Wing PPK - BUY NOW!

Elipse VTOL Fixed Wing starting at $4000


BAAM Tech™ has set out to create the perfect options for the Elispe VTOL

Flight Planning

Flight Planning

BAAM Tech provides the flight planning app at the time of purchase. It can be used on Android, or PC and can connected via blue tooth. The flight planning is very simple and allows for easy to use advanced features like corridor mapping projects, normal grid survey patterns, terrain following. The flight planning allows for in flight mission changes and flight planning changes. So if a mission is not what you expected you can simply change the mission in the air.

Survey and Civil engineering

Survey and Civil engineering

With the combination of the BAAM Tech PPK and either the 36mp camera or 24mp camera. The Elipse is an aerial mapping machine. It provides very small GSD with high accuracy GPS to ensure accurate data creating one of the best PPK drones. The GPS runs L1/L2 the BAAM Tech PPK system utilizes GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS G1/G2, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5b and SBAS constellations allowing for acquisition times around a minute and extremely reliable data. The PPK system can be used with any high-quality GPS base that is at least L1 L2 and Glonass that can run a 1 second static observation.

Agriculture and Inspection

Agriculture and Inspection

The interchangeable payload offers many options for agriculture and inspection. The Altum by Micasense is an amazing option with RGB, multispectral, and thermal in a single payload the system can do advanced calculations. There is also options for the multispectral with the Sequoia, and a thermal option for mapping.

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Through their years of experience operating drones, Baam Tech recognized the fixed wing drone solutions commercially available were not up to the task. BAAM.TECH has set out to create an aircraft that addresses all problems facing survey grade drones. READ MORE>

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